Droid Incredible Getting VCast App Store in Mandatory Update

Ryan Whitwam

It's a good news, bad news situation for users of the Verizon Droid Incredible today. According to Engadget, the software update being pushed to the device next week will automatically install the VCast App Store on the phone in addition to bug fixes. This move has been expected for some time, and the Droid Incredible is the first Android phone to get the alternative carrier-run app store.

Verizon notes that developers continue to submit apps to the store, but we've yet to hear of any compelling titles. Although, the VCast app store does offer carrier billing, so purchases made there will show up on the monthly bill. The Android Market only supports this for T-Mobile USA customers.

We worry that users will be confused by the appearance of a new app store on the device. The Android Market is tightly integrated with a user's Google Account. Purchased app are easily transferred to a new phone. It is unclear how the VCast apps will work. Some user simply take issue with the carrier adding apps without their consent. The update will eventually need to be installed for users of the stock ROM. Users looking to take more control can always root and install custom ROMs, but really -- they shouldn't have to.

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