Dremel Stylus 1100


Over the past week or so I have been doing some window etching with a new (kinda) tool. I’ve run the Dremel Stylus Model 1100 through its paces and I have to say – stencil me impressed.

Dremel, as you may know, makes a variety of rotary tools. In the past I have found their cordless solutions “ok” but not stellar. They typically give somewhat improved handling in exchange for power and short battery life. The cordless Stylus is an exception. The 7.2 volt lithium-ion battery gave me well over an hour of intermittent use without a charge. In fact, I got an hour of use from it out of the box without charging. You can hold the Stylus a number of ways and frankly, I felt I had better control over it than my flex shaft tools. Unlike some of the other cordless “Dremels” I’ve used, the Stylus feels solid and substantial. It actually feels like a “real” Dremel (well, I guess it is – it says so on the top of it).

The Stylus won’t replace my 300 series or Craftsman Classic - it will not fit into Dremel accessories (like the router attachment or drill press). It will, however, free up my other rotary tools to be dedicated to some of those accessories.

I don’t typically recommend tools, but if you have never used a rotary tool – or like the idea of a cordless, I think I can recommend you at least look into a Stylus.

To be fair, Dremel is not the only good rotary tool on the market. I consider it more one of the best of its class and certainly the best known. There are other rotary tools out there that are “pro” grade, such as those from Foredom. Yet, you will pay for such a quality tool and they are really made for people who use them daily.

TIP: If you have never used a rotary tool before, read the manual closely and I suggest practicing by polishing an old door knob or some such. Rotary polishing may not be that useful in modding, but it is a great way to get the feel for a new rotary multi-tool.

Happy Modding!

Our bling comes from CoolerCasesUK from YouTube – Yamaha 50 th anniversary Mod

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