DreamScene Arrives on Vista Ultimate Desktops


DreamScene, the newest Windows Vista Ultimate Extra, finally made its appearance yesterday . DreamScene's been available in beta since February 2007 , but it's now available in its production form. Windows Vista Ultimate users can download it via Windows Update.

What Is DreamScene?

DreamScene enables you to place full-motion video as wallpaper on your Windows Vista Ultimate desktop. After installing DreamScene, access it via the Desktop Background section of Control Panel's Personalization menu. Initial DreamScene videos include vid1337 (an animated version of the default Windows Vista Ultimate wallpaper), vid8897 (thistles blowing in a field), vid8899 (water rushing over rocks), and vid9899 (a computer-generated wall of fire). If your graphics adapter is capable of running Windows Aero comfortably (a Windows Experience Index of 3.0 or greater), DreamScene will work very nicely for you.

Getting More Out of DreamScene

Stardock Corporation's Dream WinCustomize website offers user-created Dreams and free addons for DreamScene:

  • Deskscapes adds support for dynamically generated 3D wallpapers and changes based on triggers.
  • Dream Maker is a DreamScene content creation program.

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