Dreaming of a Simpler, More Cylindrical Time? D-Roll's Got You Covered

Maximum PC Staff

Your laptop is pretty cool by today’s standards, but designer Hao Hua has something entirely different in mind for the future. That machine of the present that features an archaic hinge has served humanity well, but he plans to fit all that inside a fancy tube, making an already easy to carry machine, even easier.

The D-Roll (short for “digital roll”) concept allows anyone carrying one of these portable babies around with them to sling it under their arm, much like a purse. And, when you need some quick computing power, your screen will come out on one side and the keyboard will slide out the other.

While this is only a concept for what the portable computer of the future may look like (for some reason, the idea of carrying a murse just doesn’t sit right with me), it is an interesting look. Who knows, it might not be far off!

Image Credit: Hao Hua

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