DRAM Shortage Starting to Affect PC Vendors

Paul Lilly

Memory makers just can't seem to a get a grip on supply and production and have now put themselves in a position where there's less than one month's worth of DRAM inventory left, says Pei-Lin Pai , a spokesperson for Nanya Technology. As a result of the chip shortage, first-tier PC makers are having a tough time getting the memory parts they need to fulfill orders.

This tighter supply has driven prices up in recent months, but even so, Pai says the majority of its PC clients haven't dropped any orders. Nanya has already raised prices for April by 10 percent, a good tick above the industry's average of 4-6 percent growth. DRAM pricing isn't likely to change much more, Pai says, and already customers have begun placing orders for the third quarter.

In the grand scheme of things, this tight supply isn't likely to have a huge impact on PC shipments, says Joanne Chien, senior analyst at DigiTimes Research. At the same time, high and rising prices could present an issue, as PC makers will have to decide how much of that cost to pass on to consumers and how much they can afford to swallow in lost profits.

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