DRAM Prices Skyrocketing After Hynix Fabrication Plant Fire

Brittany Vincent

Prices likely won't return to normal until next year

DRAM prices are on the rise after a Hynix fabrication plant fire in Wuxi, China. After a September 4th blaze that raged on for nearly two hours, the plant was left ravaged, filled with damaged equipment and problems that have caused DRAM prices to inflate up to 35 percent.

According to a report via PCWorld from investment bank PiperJaffray, it doesn't look like they'll be back to normal until sometime next year. Hynix is poised to bolster its operations in Waxi in order to get back to their normal DRAM production schedule by November, but for now they plan to produce DRAM in an M12 fabrication plant in Korea to make up for the shortage.

Looks like if you're in the market for DRAM, you might be paying a little more than you expected for a while.

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