DRAM Market the Worst It's Been for 15 Years, But That's Good for You

Paul Lilly

Anyone who has recently put together a DDR2-based system would have found themselves jumping for joy when pricing out system memory. Kits that commanded a premium less than two years ago can now be had for under $100, and that's before any applicable mail-in-rebates. Even name-brand 4GB kits are insanely affordable , and the days of having to spend several hundred dollars on newer DDR3 modules are gone, at least now.

The low pricing structure has been that way for some time now, and while system builders couldn't be happier about it, the mood is decidely different among DRAM manufacturers. Both Elpida Memory and Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC) have said they plan to cut production, just as other manufacturers have done, but so far it has done little to correct the oversupply problem the DRAM industry faces. And according to A-DATA chairman Simon Chen, improvement is only likely to come if a memory chip maker decides to leave the market. Chen went on to say that 2008 has been the worst year for DRAM in the past 15 years.

Eventually the market will bounce back. If you're in the market for RAM, consider buying sooner than later and enjoy the rock bottom pricing while it still exists. And hey, if you know of a good deal on memory, hit the jump and let us know!

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