Dragon Age 2, Coming Soon to... Facebook?

Nathan Grayson

The series that's ended relationships and turned more than a few people to lives of solitary, scruffy bearded hermitude is making a somewhat unexpected leap to Facebook, of all places. Granted, it's not Dragon Age 2 in its entirety, but Dragon Age Legends , as it's known, is riding to battle a month before Dragon Age 2, and it'll let you see some brand new sights in advance of the game's release.

On top of that, playing the game will score you all manner of glittering prizes for use in Dragon Age 2. And, on top of that – standing on its shoulders to form some kind of unweildy videogame Voltron – you can play the game with friends, although BioWare hasn't specified exactly how it'll work just yet.

There's just one slight problem: it's sort of completely hideous . But then, so was flash game Dragon Age Journeys , and that actually turned out really well. Plus, in a gaming landscape dominated by farming sims, a decent fantasy RPG stands to seriously spice things up a bit. And yes, if you approached us two years ago and told us we'd be saying that, we probably would have laughed in your face. Then we would've launched into a tirade about how Duke Nukem Forever will never, ever come out, and you would've just shaken your head, hopped into your time machine, and gone to kill Hitler liked you'd originally planned.

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