Downloaders Undeterred by Hurt Locker Lawsuit

Pulkit Chandna

If the ongoing legal offensive against 5,000 Hurt Locker downloaders is meant to serve as a deterrent, the makers of the film have made little headway. According to torrent-centric site TorrentFreak , the mass litigation tactic hasn't deterred people from downloading the film. The film even figured on the list of the 25 most downloaded movie torrents during the month of June with around 200,000 downloads. The site further revealed that nearly a quarter of all those downloads originated in the US.

The producers of the movie are backed by a company called the U.S. Copyright Group, which is overseeing similar efforts on part of other film makers. Despite efforts to justify such litigiousness as an effective deterrent against piracy, there are many who believe it is nothing more than a witch-hunt triggered at extorting large sums from the downloaders.

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