Download of the Week: The Devuvuzelator


It was bound to happen sooner or later. If you're one of the many, many people contributing to making the World Cup one of the most Internet-draining events yet to occur, then you're probably deaf. No, really. I speak, of course, to the ever-present vuvuzela horn--that clarion call of annoyance that's the subject of countless Internet memes and angry messages between soccer fans worldwide.

Obviously, a freeware solution is in order. And while you might not have expected it to come from a company like Stardock, creators of the popular Impulse download service, Fences, WindowsBlinds, and other such useful system apps, the company has nevertheless dug deep to develop a solution for your auditory woes.

The app in question is called, " The Devuvuzelator ."  Aside from being one of the best-named apps of the year, this free utility actually does much to eliminate the specific frequency of sound that emanates from the annoying World Cup Horn of Champions. Run the app (you can stash it on a portable USB key, if you'd like) and select the level of filtering you're comfortable with.

That's really all you do--with but a few clicks of the mouse, your vuvuzela woes are forever extinguished and you can now enjoy the world's greatest sport* to the simple cheers of, "ole, ole, ole" or what-have-you.

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*College football excluded

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