Download of the Week: SpeakerShare


Are you ready to rock? Because you'll be doing a lot of head-banging and dancing around once you've transformed every computer in your living area into a collective speaker system. Perhaps the better question remains unasked: Why would you do this? Because you can. Because you want to. Because it reverses the issue of having to connect to or stream from a central music repository (like an iTunes database) and instead allows you to push tunes out of a single music hub to anywhere you want to them to go.

Also, you want to do this because the app that makes this cacophonous symphony possible--SpeakerShare--is super-easy to use and well worth the small time investment you'll make. Here's how it works: You start by running an instance of SpeakerShare on all the networked computers (connected to all the speakers) that'll be blasting your music. These get set up as client servers in the main architecture. All it takes to do so is the click of a single mouse button. It's that easy.

You then head over to your main computer--the source of the music or audio you'll be sending out to all connected PCs. Use SpeakerShare to configure this system as the server, then select the appropriate sound output that represents all the sound your system plays (like Stereo Mix or Wave Out). That's it. Your sound goes over your network and out the speakers of SpeakerShare-enabled systems on a one-second delay. And you, friend, are now the life of the party.

Don't forget, you'll need to give SpeakerShare some kind of sound output to stream out--if your system doesn't have this kind of "What You Here" output, you might be out of luck. You'll also have to install Apple's Bonjour before you start streaming, but don't worry--this comes as part of its iTunes program.

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