Download of the Week: Right Click Context Menu Extender


Hot on the heels of my " 5 Add-ons That Make Windows Explorer Even Better " article comes the appropriately named utility Right Click Context Menu Extender .  It's a recent addition to the freeware world--as in, it was launched five days ago--yet the program shows a surprising amount of prowess for its relative infancy.  As for what the little application actually does, you can probably figure out the general context by its name alone.  The specifics, well, there's the real kicker.

Install the utility to your system and you'll suddenly unlock a wealth of configurable extensions to your average Windows right-click menu.  These are split off into two categories: right-click context options that work in your standard Windows Explorer interface and right-click menu options that only come about when you've performed that activity on the desktop itself.  As to what different kinds of features have been unleashed in your day-to-day PC use, here's a brief overview:

Windows Explorer

  • Copy / Move to
  • Administrative Command Prompt (opens to the folder)
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Hide File/Folder
  • Take Ownership


  • Flip Windows 3D Switcher
  • Control Panel shortcut
  • Administrative Tools shortcut
  • Registry Editor
  • Desktop God Mode

Even better, you can specify which options show up in each right-click menu using the application's super-simple configuration menu.  That's it.  While this isn't the kitchen sink of right-menu context options, nor can you add any that aren't already specified by the program, Right Click Context Menu Extender provides a simple way for increasing the power of your middle finger in a manner that's pleasing to all.

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