Download of the Week: New Folder Wizard


Sometimes, you just need to make some folders--a lot of folders. More than 5 folders, more than twenty folders, more than a hundred folders--you need to generate more folders than you've ever created in a single setting. Maybe this is for work, maybe you're finally getting organized with all the pictures you've taken over the past five years, or maybe you just like makin' folders.

Either way, the typical folder creation process goes a little something like this: you find an open directory, you right-click somewhere, you select "new folder," and you repeat this process a thousand times (with a few extra hours thrown in for renaming).

Fun, huh?

A handy little application has just come to my attention and, by handy, I mean, "it saves you countless hours of having to repeat the aforementioned frustrating process." If you've ever needed to create and customize a number of folders in a single sitting,then you'll definitely want to behold the wonders of this week's top download: New Folder Wizard !

The basic functionality of New Folder Wizard is a lot like the freeware application "Renamer," a longtime favorite at Maximum PC. You start by suggesting a base name for your folders--a prefix like "pictures," although you can also use a predefined list of names from a secondary text file as the basis for all your folder titles. If you're opting for the prefix route, you can also append a suffix to your folder, which will stick whatever custom notations you want on the end of the name that's created. In the middle of the prefix and suffix can also go a number, which New Folder Wizard will sequentially fill in based on whatever starting point, step, and ending point you configure.

And that's about it. These simple rules allow you to set up a new hierarchy of up to 20,000 folders at a time. If you're opted for the "use a text file to name my folders" route, you can also establish as many sub-folders within folders as you want. New Folder Wizard delivers powerful functionality that's light-years ahead of Windows' default solution.

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