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Listen up, Windows 7 aficionados: This one's for you. You've no doubt noticed your operating system's lack of location-based functionality. Unlike Apple's competing OSX, which can triangulate your system's position based on the geographical locations of nearby WiFi hotspots, you can't really... well. You can't do any of that on Microsoft's platform. While you might not need to know exactly where your desktop is (hint: your dwelling), it would sure be nice to have this feature for a more mobile system.

And that's not even in the, "I'm lost in the wilderness and I see a bear help" sense. Wouldn't it be great to automatically have the weather displayed for your current location on your Windows sidebar?  If you use Twitter (and yes, readers, I realize you hate Twitter), you could just as easily pull up a listing of messages centered around your particular location: "I just ate a great meal here," or "@bear2 There is a silly human wandering around here; I will eat him," et cetera.

Well, Microsoft hasn't come to your rescue on this one--a third-party developer has created an free application that allows you tap into the wonders of geolocation all by your lonesome. It's called Geosense . Simply install it overtop your standard Windows 7 installation and you'll be able to tap into Google Location Services for WiFi and IP addresses--with promises of future Google Location Services for mobile phones, Skyhook Wireless support, Quova support, and Navizon support to come.

What apps work with Geosense?  Currently... a Google Maps client that the Geosense developers have rebuilt. The weather gadget on Windows' sidebar will also make use of Geosense to display weather conditions for your location. And, as you woudl expect, the Twitter application MahTweets will geotag your messages (and Flickr photos) based on the information taken from Geosense.

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