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I’m a sucker for automation at Maximum PC – If I can’t find some kind of application that will automatically perform all the time-sucking computer tasks that I like (or would like) to do, then I just haven’t done my job correctly. Now, was there only an app to automate the process of finding these apps… but I digress.

This week’s download of the week carries on in the spirit of “don’t lift a finger to accomplish a task” kinds of applications by giving you a super-quick way to transform videos from one format into another. There’s just one caveat—two, technically. You have to have Handbrake installed and, more importantly, you kind of have to know what you’re doing.

That’s because this week’s “Download of the Week,” an app called DropFolders , uses the power of the Handbrake command line interface to convert your videos without demanding any direction from you to do so. Huh? Yes, that’s right. DropFolders will automatically scan folders you specify for any new content. When something arrives, it gets processed according to whatever command-line arguments you’ve typed into the app. And, of course, said output file gets dumped into a directory you choose once the Handbrake is all done.

If you’re planning on shifting around a bunch of watched folders and arguments, then you’ll surely find DropFolders’ built-in presets functionality to be ever-so-useful. I, for one, would hate to have to keep a separate text file of all the command-line arguments that one could possibly dump into this app at any given moment. Nevertheless, DropFolders is an excellent tool for the power-converter—especially one who doesn’t want to have to fire up good ol’ Handbrake for each new video that comes in.

Download it here !

Technology journalist and former Maximum PC Editor David Murphy hasn’t converted a video in months. To balance that out, he’s watched thousands of Youtube cat videos in the meantime.

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