Dovahkiinect: Modder Adds Surprisingly Impressive Motion Control to Skyrim

Maximum PC Staff

The notion of shoehorning Microsoft's already notoriously, er, prolific motion control contraption into Skyrim -- of all things -- may seem like the worst idea since, well, ever, but an intrepid modder's proof-of-concept video has us reconsidering our stance. Sure, our faithful keyboard-and-mouse combo could probably KO a dragon (and definitely aim a bow) with more finesse, but this setup looks sort of, dare we say it, fun? Unfortunately, the demonstrator doesn't “Fus Ro Dah” any hapless bandits into the sun, but he does briefly break out Ice Form. And come on, we can't be the only ones who occasionally shout -- in real life -- when busting our foes' eardrums (and, you know, faces). Unless, of course we are, in which case... Hey, look! A video!

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