Nathan Edwards Jun 24, 2008

DoubleSight DS-240WB

At A Glance

20/20 Vision

Good for gaming. Sturdy frame, bright screen, performs well.


No HDCP support; limited DVI controls.

DoubleSight is best known for its two-in-one monitor solutions, such as the dual 19-inch display we reviewed in March 2007, but we’ll take a single seamless 24-inch screen over that option any day. The DS-240WB looks all business with a simple but sturdy black frame. Its telescoping neck lets you adjust the screen’s height, plus you can tilt, pivot, and rotate the screen’s orientation. Input options consist of one VGA, one DVI, and one audio input. To access the whole gamut of onscreen display (OSD) options, you’ll need to use VGA. For instance, you can adjust the screen’s individual color channels and even its overall color tone only with the analog interface; DVI limits you to contrast and brightness changes.

This LCD also favors VGA when it comes to displaying HDCP-encumbered content. But that’s only because content producers haven’t clamped down on the analog stream—yet. Simply put, this LCD lacks HDCP support, so if movies are important, beware.

Otherwise, the DS-240WB performs well. It aced our Display Mate scripts, it captured the nuances of our high-res digital photos, and it held up to the rigors of action gaming. Still, in our minds it’s lacking.


DoubleSight DS-240WB

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