Don't Toss that Voodoo Videocard, New 3DFX Driver Released

Paul Lilly

So you thought 3DFX was dead and gone? Well, you're right. The graphics company largely responsible for ushering in 3D gaming bit the dust nearly a decade ago when Nvidia devoured the company and announced it would not support 3DFX products. But that hasn't stopped others from stepping in to fill the void left by 3DFX's demise and its once mighty Voodoo videocard lineup.

For those of you still getting your old school game on, has released new drivers covering a variety of vintage GPUs. Models supported by the SFFT 1.5 driver release include:

  • Voodoo3 2000
  • Voodoo3 3000
  • Voodoo3 3500
  • Voodoo4 4500
  • Voodoo5 5500
  • Voodoo6 6000

We don't imagine too many Voodoo owners are concerned with running Vista, but for the sake of full disclosure, the new drivers support Windows 2000/XP 32-bit and XP 64-bit.

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