Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for Xbox 360 Price Cuts

Paul Lilly

With the holiday shopping season not far off in the distance, you might be tempted to put off purchasing an Xbox 360 console (assuming you're in the market for one to begin with) in hopes of taking advantage of a price cut. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear Microsoft is planning to lower the cost of its console, at least not for the rest of 2012, though there's a good chance it will launch another holiday bundle this year.

You can take this with a grain of salt, but the folks at Fudzilla claim to have heard from un-named sources that the recent Kinect price cut is all that's coming to the Xbox 360 console this year. Microsoft recently slashed the Kinect (permanently) by $40, which now sells for $110.

That probably means the Xbox 360/Kindle bundle will likely see a $40 price drop as well, but that's all related to the motion control sensor, not the console itself.

"Beyond that, Microsoft will hold steady with its current hardware pricing," Fudzilla says.

This upcoming holiday shopping season could be one of the last hurrahs for the Xbox 360. Rumor has it Microsoft will unveil its next generation console, codenamed Durango, in 2013, perhaps launching the system around November or December of next year.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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