Don't Bother Asus with Silly 'Death of the Desktop' Talk

Paul Lilly

Asus is doubling down its gamble on desktop PCs

If you trot into your local Best Buy store, you're likely to see way more tablets, laptops, and hybrid PCs than actual desktops even though the opposite was true not all that long ago. However, if you make a living writing obituaries, don't include desktop PCs in any upcoming columns, they're still very much relevant. One need only ask Asus, which is reportedly planning to ship twice as many desktops this year as it did in 2013.

Asus is far from the biggest desktop player in the world, however it's pretty interesting that it expects to ship 4 million desktop PCs in 2014, up from 2 million in 2013. Company president Jerry Shen said as much, noting that China will be a key target, along with focusing on enterprise clients, Digitimes reports .

This could be another sign that the PC market is beginning to stabilize. In November, Gartner said it expected combined desktop, notebook, and ultramobile shipments to remain flat in 2014 with 321.4 million unit shipments. Previously, double-digit declines were the norm.

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