Done Deal: Nokia Completes Sale of Mobile Unit to Microsoft



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I remember when Nokia was The phone to buy when looking for a cell phone. They were industry leaders. Now after selling out to Micro$oft they have become the Yugo of the cellphone industry. I will never ever look at a Windows phone and surely won't look at Nokia again.



Goodbye Nokia Android Phones. Hello Windows Phones filled with XBone ads & stupid looking Windows 8 Modern UI tiles.



Funny thing, as I'm looking at my Lumia 928 I don't see any ads or a single mention of Microsoft OR the Xbox One. All I see are the weather, some pictures and icons for my other apps. Perhaps you're Windows Phone has some other OS on it. Oh, you don't HAVE a Windows phone? Well that explains it! /Sarcasm

As a Windows Phone user, I can say this. I LOVE the usability, the Live tiles and the overall build quality of the phone. What I DON'T like is the app support. I'm afraid what we have is the classic chicken/egg conundrum. People don't write apps for Windows Phone. And people aren't buying Windows Phones because of the lack of apps. Also because of the Windows 8 sux, android is soooo 1337 mentality. There is NOTHING wrong with Windows Phone 8 EXCEPT the app support... From an ACTUAL owner/user's perspective.



Yup. One thing is google tracking your stuff in Chrome, another is to have your whole experience being tracked for ads. Calling the wife? How about ads about buying flowers and jewelry? Texting the kids? How about some Toys R Us ads?

Just look at the Xbone dashboard with PAYING customers.

Good thing once Im out of Windows I would have cleased myself out of that ecosystem of failed things.