Domains 2.0 on the Horizon as ICANN Votes on Laxer Top Level Domains


The internet’s guardian of sorts ICANN will vote on relaxing rigid norms that currently govern top level domains like the ubiquitous .com domain. ICANN members will cast their vote on Thursday (June 26th, 2008) on a wide array of changes. If the members uphold the proposed steps then there will be sweeping changes that will surely augur well for freedom on the internet.

There are plans for laxer norms for top level domains that are currently assigned only to countries. Under the proposed arrangement, companies would be able to extend their brands to the internet in the best way possible by turning them to a top level domain. To boot, there is a possibility of top level domains in languages other than English, and the .xxx domain might finally be round the corner. Will ICANN vote for a new era of domains – Domain 2.0? Let’s see.

Image: George Hernandez

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