Dogged Psystar Turns to Linux,T-shirts, and Donations for Survival

Pulkit Chandna

The climax of Psystar's legal duel with Apple has pushed the former to the very brink of its existence. The final verdict robbed the company of its sole source of income. When the court placed a permanent injunction on the sale of Mac clones – and all unauthorized Mac derivatives - by Psystar, it appeared to be the last nail in the company's coffin, especially since all businesses not named Twitter need some form of income for subsistence. But the unyielding company is trying to tide over these tough times by selling Linux-based desktops and T-shirts, besides begging for donations.

The company that discontinued its range of Mac clones earlier this month has now “voluntarily suspended the sale of our Rebel EFI software product.” It has temporarily discontinued  Rebel EFI – a boot loader that helps install OS X on any generic PC – as it first wants the court's “clarification on the legality” of the software. “In the coming days, we will again be offering complete systems but at discounted prices as they will be bundled with your choice of Linux operating system,” the company announced on its website.

The company is trying hard to garner some much needed public support. From the face of it, Psystar wants to be seen as a champion of open computing. “It's your software, you should be able to use it where you want to,” Psystar wrote on its site. “If you purchase an off-the-shelf copy of OS X Snow Leopard, its your right to use that software.”

Image Credit: Psystar

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