Does the iPhone Need a Slideout Keyboard?

Paul Lilly

One advantage to the Android platform is that you're not locked into a single device. Apple, on the other hand, doesn't license out its iOS platform to other mobile phone makers, so it's the iPhone or bust. But what if you want a slideout keyboard instead of just a virtual one? In that case, you're simply out of luck, but maybe not for long.

According to Apple Insider , rumors abound that Apple has three iPhone 5 prototypes in the works, including one with a hardware keyboard. If Apple goes in that direction, it would be the first time an iPhone shipped with a slideout keyboard instead of relying solely on a virtual one. It's also possible that Apple would offer two different models, one with a plank and one without.

While on the topic of iPhone 5 rumors, DigiTimes says it will likely sport a 4-inch screen and dual-core 1GHz Cortex A9 processor .

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