Does The GTX 670 Support 4-Way SLI Or Not?

Brad Chacos

After the GTX 670 launched to pretty much universal applause last Friday, a mini-controversy began brewing almost immediately: did it support 4-way SLI or not? The card uses the same GPU as the quad-enabled GTX 680, the PCB sports two SLI connectors, reviews from prominent online enthusiast sources listed the card as supporting quad-SLI, and heck, Asus photos for the GTX670 DirectCU II TOP even show it in a quad setup. Lots of other reviewers said 4-way SLI wasn't available, however. What gives? Does the GTX 670 support 4-card setups or what?

In a word: no. The GTX 670 tops out at 3-way SLI, and it even says as much on Nvidia's website . The good news is that quad support is coming: when PC Perspective began questioning Nvidia about the lack of 4-way SLI , the company responded with "Change in plans.....we will be offering 4-Way SLI support for GTX 670 in a future driver."

Great news! And as for those pics that showed four GTX670 DirectCU II TOPs , a concerned enthusiast named Trevor Foster reached out to Asus for clarification on Facebook. Asus responded quickly : "You are correct 3-Way is the max supported for this mostly we wanted to show it for size relation. If this looks misleading I apologize." ( Thanks to Trevor for pointing me towards the clarification .)

So there you have it: the GTX 670 does not support 4-way SLI setups, but it will some day in the future.

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