Do You Want a Free "I'm a PC" Shirt?


If you answered Yes to the above question then you are in luck, but even if you hate Microsoft, you can bury it in the ground along with all of your other Microsoft related apparel. These shirts are primarily for people in technology development, but they will probably give a shirt to anyone that completes the survey. The survey is nine questions and lasts less than 5 minutes. The shirt is available in small, medium, large and extra large. According to the giveaway details, the freebie will take 6-8 weeks for your shirt to arrive. They will probably be in short supply, so if you are interested in showing off your love for Microsoft and their operating system, hit the jump for more details and a list of the questions asked.

According to the website , Microsoft is going to aggregate the data and no personal information will be used to single you out.  They are collecting personal information, but it is for the fulfillment of the incentive.

The questions Microsoft asks are relatively simple. Just so you know what you are getting yourself into, we have pasted all of the questions Microsoft asks on the survey.


1.    Thinking about your average weekly activities, which one of the following best describes your primary role at work (Select One)?
2.    Are you using Windows Vista at home or in the office?
3.    Do you use PHP?
4.    Are you using PHP to develop on Windows?
5.    Are you deploying PHP on Windows?
6.    Thinking about the development work you have done in the past 6 months, please indicate which of the following vendor’s software development tools you have used.
7.    Based on your response to the previous question, please write in the Product Name/Version of the vendor's software development tools you use.
8.    Please provide your name and contact information so we may fulfill the T-Shirt shipment.
9.    Please select your t-shirt size.

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