Do You Have What it Takes to be on the Geek Squad? (Yes, You Do)


Commercialized PC repair services like Best Buy's Geek Squad and, when it was still around, Circuit City's Firedog are often mocked for being over priced and under qualified, the latter of which might be an unfair generalization. Or maybe not, now that we've seen Geek Squad's CompTIA A+ preparation exam .

The exam questions were sent in to Gizmodo from an "anonymous tipster," and while some of the multiple choice answers are a bit amusing, you'd be hard pressed to find a question/answer combo that you couldn't answer correctly without too much thought. For example:

Q: What is the most effective way to increase the performance of your PC?

  • Upgrade your processor from Intel to AMD
  • Tweak the registry for maximum efficiency
  • Installing more RAM
  • Use your PC for shorter periods during the day

It doesn't get any more challenging than that out of the six samples Gizmodo posted. And we suddenly understand why a dislodged hard drive cable was so hard to diagnose .

Image Credit: Best Buy

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