Do We Need a Standards Process for 3D Spectacles?

Paul Lilly

Still not convinced that 3D is here to stay? Here it is -- the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is so sure that 3D isn't going anywhere that the organization launched a new standards process for 3D glasses. So not only is 3D staying put, but as far as the CEA is concerned, this whole business of having to don pair of glasses to see blue creatures defend a tree in three dimensions is going to be par for the course for a long while to come.

"The expanding presence of 3DTV in the home makes the need for interoperable 3D glasses more urgent than ever," said Brian Markwalter , CEA vice president of research and standards. "As the hub of technology industry innovation, CEA is the logical host for such a crucial effort. Industry participation will help meet consumer demand and expectations regarding 3D interoperability in the home."

That last bit is a particularly interesting statement, as many would argue that the "expectations" of 3D in the home is that we're moving towards glasses-free 3D. On a much smaller scale, Nintendo's upcoming 3DS handheld console has it, and the next step would be porting the technology into affordable larger screen displays.

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