Do-Good Developer Cracks Windows Phone 7 App DRM in Six Hours

Paul Lilly

Microsoft is left with a little egg on its face after a developer spent just six hours cracking the DRM on its Windows Phone 7 platform, DailyTech reports .

The developer attempted the crack for technical blog site WPCentral, but it wasn't malicious in nature. Instead, WPCentral hopes this will help Microsoft improve its busted DRM scheme and has no plans of publishing how the hack works.

"We are confident Microsoft will work hard to implement a stronger DRM system, in part due to this proof-of-concept demonstration," WPCentral said.

As part of the proof-of-concept hack, the developer was able to create an app called FreeMarketPlace that's capable of downloading any app from Microsoft's WP7 Marketplace and stripping away the DRM. Those apps could then be loaded on an unlocked smartphone or saved to a PC.

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