Do Budget Asus PCs Jeopardize Company's Reputation?

Paul Lilly

It's not uncommon for PC makers to dabble in both the low- and high-end markets, and every spot in between, but should Asus target the budget crowd, channel vendors believe the company could risk its reputation and damage its brand image, Digitimes reports .

So what's the big fuss? Those who feel this way point to the recent launch of an Asus-branded all-in-one PC selling for about $375 in Taiwan, the lowest price for such a machine so far. Up to this point, channel vendors say Asus has pushed its products as boutique items, not blue light specials.

Naturally, Asus doesn't see it the same way and said that the low-cost all-in-one is simply to fill market demand. But there's yet another explanation floating around, with some analysts saying Asus could be saddled with surplus components and is trying to make the best of a bad situation by moving lower cost products.

Image Credit: Asus

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