DisplaySearch Predicts Tablet PC Shipments to Reach 455 Million by 2017



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"DisplaySearch says falling prices and continued advances in display technology will be key in the upcoming growth of tablets."

*cue corny music*

Fear not, citizens! I am CAPTAIN OBVIOUS, and I am here to save you!

Seriously, people get paid to come to these "conclusions"? My dog could have reasoned that one out.


John Pombrio

I call bull on this story, Paul. I have read on tablet screen maker sites from Taiwan and China that there is already a saturation of tablets in the major markets with only the developing countries with large growth potential (I even sent you a post about this).
I remember this exact same headlines for "large LCD TVs", "netbooks", and "3D TVs". Now it's "4K TVs and monitors", "chromebooks", "Steam consoles", and "tablets".

It's so EASY for a marketing firm paid by manufacturers to promote their pet products and predict huge growth in the "future". BIG HEADLINES does not mean big sales are still going to happen.