DisplaySearch: Wintel's Tablet Future Bleak

Pulkit Chandna

In what has to be arguably one of its most interesting revelations, Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs has revealed that the late Apple CEO wanted the iPad to be powered by an Intel chip. If Jobs had had his way, Intel would have found itself in the driver’s seat in the burgeoning tablet market, something the chip maker is unlikely to achieve in the coming years according to a new report by DisplaySearch .

In fact, DisplaySearch does not expect the other half of the Wintel partnership to fare any better in the tablet market. According to the report, overall tablet shipments will continue to grow rapidly to reach 330 million units by 2017 from just a shade under 60 million in 2011.

However, DisplaySearch believes both Microsoft and Intel will be nothing more than envious onlookers during this rather lengthy period. The forecast for 2012 - their inaugural year in the media tablet market - is particularly bad, as DisplaySearch does not expect the two companies to have any impact whatsoever in the tablet market. That said, a slight change in their fortunes is predicted for 2013.

“The tablet PC and notebook PC markets are on a collision course as both product categories continue to evolve and improve on their respective weaknesses,” said Richard Shim, DisplaySearch Senior Analyst. “As such, each product category will influence the other over time. Still, the incumbent platforms [iOS and Android] have inherent advantages in the early years.”

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