DisplaySearch: Waning Mini-Notebook Demand to Slow Mobile PC Growth in 2011

Paul Lilly

Long gone are the days that you had to stay tethered to your desktop to check email, surf the Web, play games, and get work done. It's all about computing on the go, and even a 'slow' year in the mobile PC market still ends up being a pretty good year overall. According to market research firm DisplaySearch, mobile PC shipment growth will scale back a bit in 2011, but remain incredibly strong overall.

Year-on-year growth is expected to be 27 percent in 2011, down from 30 percent in 2010. The slowdown in growth is due to a decline in mini-notebook shipments and waning demand in emerging markets, DisplaySearch says. Picking up the slack, however, are traditional notebooks and tablet PCs.

"Two of the main drivers for mobile PC shipment growth over the last few years are expected to sputter in 2011: mini-notes and emerging markets," said Richard Shim , mobile computing analyst for DisplaySearch. "Only one of these segments is expected to bounce back. The mini-note market is falling rapidly as brands are looking to exit the mini-note segment and invest in the latest high-growth segment, tablet PCs."

As for the diminishing mini-note demand, DisplaySearch says mini-notes will remain in the market, but mostly in price sensitive areas, like emerging markets and education.

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