DisplayMate Shootout Compares Samsung Galaxy S4 to S III and iPhone 5

Paul Lilly

Samsung's Galaxy S4 brings a 5-inch Full HD PenTile OLED panel to a display fight.

DisplayMate Technologies president Dr. Raymond M. Soneira managed to sweet talk Samsung into giving him an early production unit of its upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone to test and analyze for its Display Technology Shoot-Out article, the results of which are now live. In it, Dr. Soneira compares the Galaxy S4's upgraded 5-inch Full HD 1080p PenTile OLED display with that of that of its predecessor, the Galaxy S III, and Apple's iPhone 5. How did it fare?

"Impressively" to the point of being able to challenge the best LCD displays, according to Dr. Soneira. What he found most interesting, however, is the inclusion of a Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) display in a 5.5-inch or smaller screen (in this case, it's 5 inches), noting that it's the same resolution found on most large screen HDTVs.

"The Galaxy S4 continues the rapid and impressive improvement in OLED displays and technology. The first notable OLED smartphone, the Google Nexus One, came in decidedly last place in our 2010 Smartphone Display Shoot-Out . In a span of just three years OLED display technology is now challenging the performance of the best LCDs," Dr. Soneira said.

In addition to picture quality, which consistently fared well during Dr. Soneira's testing, he also noted a 20 percent improvement in power efficacy between the Galaxy S4 and S III despite a 25 percent increase in brightness. This is something that bodes well for the future of OLED displays.

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