Diskeeper ExpressCache Significantly Improves Windows Boot Time

Pulkit Chandna

Intel recently introduced an SSD caching technology called Smart Response Technology (SRT) with its Z68 Express chipset to help improve system boot times and speed up application startup. But the problem with SRT is that despite being a software-based solution, it is tied to the Z68 chipset. Fortunately, Diskeeper has developed an alternative that is not encumbered by such artificial restrictions. Called ExpressCache, the technology was recently on show at Computex.

The two systems in the video are identical save for a trivial difference. The system on the left features an 8GB SanDisk SSD as a cache for its hard drive. The difference between the Windows boot times and application launch times on the two machines is quite significant. Needless to say, the one on the left is faster.

In an interview with Nikkei , Diskeeper's Modesto Rodriguez recommended 8GB SSDs as the perfect fit for ExpressCache: "Considering the balance between the prices and effects of current SSDs, 8-Gbyte capacity might be the best. It's not that the operating speeds increase in proportion to the capacity of SSD. So, we expect that PC makers decide the capacity in consideration of the prices of SSDs.

“ExpressCache has an advantage [when compared to Intel SRT] that it can be used with any types of SSDs and HDDs with any capacities and does not require any specific hardware configurations."

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