Dish Planning Blockbuster-branded Netflix Competitor

Ryan Whitwam

Netflix is seemingly weakened in the market right now. The unpopular price hikes have just gone into effect, and now the Starz deal has collapsed. According to Bloomberg, Dish is taking the opportunity to ramp up plans for its own Netflix competitor using assets acquired from Blockbuster. Does it have a chance?

Dish acquired the assets of Blockbuster in April for $320 million, and that brought with it some streaming rights. Using this brand, Dish hopes to be able to compete against services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. The Blockbuster website still offers some rental downloads, but this new service would be subscription based, like Netflix.

The combination of a rental and streaming service could be appealing in the same way Netflix is. But Dish is going to have to provide a better selection, or at least a lower price to attract users.

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