Dish Offers Service in 1080p


DISH network became the first satellite provider to offer video in a full 1080p or 1920x 1080 progressive resolution on August 1st.  The first movie they are offering in 1080p is I Am Legend on their Video On Demand service.  DISH will use 1080p in place of 1080i or 720p whenever the content is available. The upgrade in resolution won’t be available for everyone. It will however, be available at no additional cost for any subscriber who has an HD DVR.

DISH will also greatly expand the number of HD channels that it can carry to 150 by this fall.

With cable and satellite companies to begin offering content in the higher resolution 1080p format closes the distance between TV and physical media such as Blu-ray and leaves the competition from download services like Apple TV and Xbox 360 movie rentals out in the cold.

It remains to be seen just how high a resolution do we need to be able to enjoy our movies or TV in.  Is 720p really so bad? Many people just cannot see any reason to throw out their old DVD player and movie collection in favor of the slightly sharper picture available on Blu-Ray. The slow adoption of Blu-ray reflects this trend. For truly wide spread adoption to take place rapidly, we will need to see Blu-ray undercut DVD prices across the board. VOD and download services moving to 1080p may only hinder Blu-ray’s already sluggish adoption rate.

Have you already jumped over to 1080p or plan to soon? Sound off and tell us what convinced you to make the switch.

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