Dish Network's $10/Month Blockbuster Movie Pass Bats Eyes at Netflix Customers

Paul Lilly

Angry Netflix customer, meet Dish Network's Blockbuster Movie Pass. Blockbuster Movie Pass, meet angry Netflix customer. Now that you've both been introduced, let's sit and talk for a moment and see if this is a relationship worth pursuing, shall we? Whoa there angry Netflix customer, put your credit card away, let's get to know each other first.

Let's start with angry Netflix customer. He's a good catch, has disposable income, and loves movies. His relationship with Netflix is best described as "complicated." You see, they've been dating for years, but have been growing apart in recent months. They used to spend evenings and weekends watching DVDs, but now all Netflix wants to do is stream with friends. Angry Netflix customer is okay with that, except Netflix is having a tough time hanging onto its friends, like Starz and Showtime. The relationship feels stagnant, communication isn't where it should be, and angry Netflix customer is willing to see others.

Now let's get to know Blockbuster Movie Pass . She's new in town and just wants to have fun without all the crazy drama. She's a fairly cheap date and into all kinds of things. For $10/month, she'll play the one DVD-by-mail game ($15 for two, $20 for three DVDs), including Blu-ray titles at no extra charge. She knows how to stream (more than 3,000 movies to the TV, 4,000 to the PC, and hundreds of on-demand TV shows). Blockbuster Movie Pass is into videogames and has access to more than 3,000 Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Wii games by mail. She doesn't care if you exchange an unlimited number of DVDs and games at participating Blockbuster stores, and she's down to watch more than 20 premium entertainment movie channels from MGM, Epix, Sony, and others.

There's another side to Blockbuster Movie Pass, one that could kill this relationship before it even gets started. She's a daddy's girl and won't go anywhere without Dish Network, at least not for the time being. If you want to play with Blockbuster Move Pass, you have to hang out with Dish Network, too. That could get awkward if you're friends with DirecTV or local cable. The good news is from October 1 through January 31, 2012, Dish Network will pay for your dates with Blockbuster Movie Pass for three months if you're new to Dish. After that you're on your own, but still have to welcome both into your home.

So how about it angry Netflix customer, does Blockbuster Movie Pass tickle your fancy? If not, there are still plenty of other fish in the sea, and we know of at least a dozen .

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