Dish Network May Partner With T-Mobile if AT&T Deal Fails

Ryan Whitwam

As AT&T fights valiantly to save its $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA, at least one company is waiting in the wings for it to fail. America’s second largest satellite TV provider, Dish Network may enter into a partnership with T-Mobile to form a more robust carrier. It just so happens that Dish has gobs of the one thing that T-Mobile is lacking: wireless spectrum.

Dish CEO Joseph Clayton said in an interview that it doesn’t want to just sell off the spectrum it acquired earlier this year from the bankruptcy sale of DBSD and Terrestar Networks. Dish would prefer to use that asset to build a next generation wireless network, and T-Mobile could be an ideal partner for that. If the merger is successful, Dish has also floated the option of buying divested assets from the combined entity to roll its own network.

As AT&T wrangles with the DOJ and FCC over the details of the bill, it’s looking less and less likely that it will go through. It’s been up in the air how the faltering T-Mobile would survive on its own without a 4G network. Could Dish Network be its savior?

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