Dish Makes Hulu An Offer That It Probably Won't Refuse

Ryan Whitwam

You might recall the secret bidding war for Hulu that has been whispered about over the last few months. Wondering what ever happened with that? Well as it turns out, quite a lot . Several tech giants placed bids including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Dish Network. Hulu’s owners are now mulling the offers, but Dish is in the lead.

Dish Network placed the highest bid, $1.9 billion, that didn’t include any changes to the terms. Google went much higher and offered about $4 billion, but asked for an extension to the content license deals, as well as more content. Dish is apparently willing to risk  more in this respect because it is also interested in Hulu’s back end technology.

Hulu’s owners are reportedly displeased with the offers, but it’s not really surprising. It’s fairly obvious that Hulu will continue moving more toward a paid-only service. When the current content licenses run out, the new owner is going to have to cut a new deal, and it might not be very favorable.

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