Discovery's Patent Filing Reveals E-reader with Video Playback

Pulkit Chandna

Last week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent filing by Discovery Communications . The filing, which was made in February, describes the subject of the patent as an "electronic book having electronic commerce features." Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The picture that emerges after reading the patent application is that of a typical e-reader.

However, unlike typical e-readers, it would feature video playback. The device is described as "a novel combination of new technology involving the television, cable, telephone and computer industries." Rumors about Discovery’s foray into the e-reader segment first emerged when it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Amazon alleging that the latter’s Kindle range of devices infringe its patents related to e-books.

Discovery still hasn’t commented on the entire issue, but many analysts have. Industry watchers are not too excited by the possibility of a Discovery-branded e-reader. "My initial reaction is that this could be a 'patent troll,' Phil Leigh, an analyst at Inside Digital Media, told the Washington Post.

Image Credit: The Baltimore Sun

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