Disappearing DVD

Nathan Edwards

In your June 2008 issue, Frank Buttell mentioned a problem with a disappearing hard drive. I have also had that problem with Vista Ultimate, except my disappearing drive was my DVD +/- RW with LightScribe. I am dual-booting with XP Pro x64 edition and Vista Ultimate (32 bit). The drive is fine in XP, but in Vista, it will randomly disappear. A restart or sometimes a disconnect and reconnect of the SATA cable will solve the problem. So something must be up. What’s going on?
—Joshua Parnell

You may be running into a problem that Microsoft resolved with a recent hotfix. The issue pertains to Windows Vista when Adaptive Host Controller Interface mode is enabled. Because you have a P35-based board, there’s a good chance that AHCI mode with Vista is the culprit. Microsoft says the problem does not occur if the SATA support is set to “compatible.” You can read more about the hotfix at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928253 . The only catch is that you can’t actually download the hotfix there. If you are having this problem, you must request the patch from Microsoft via a link at the top of the page.

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