Director Robert Rodriguez Taps AMD Technology to Power "Machete Kills" Film

Paul Lilly

AMD goes to Hollywood

You may have seen a trailer for "Machete Kills," an upcoming sequel to "Machete" starring Danny Trejo, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Sofia Vergara, Michelle Rodriguez, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., and even Lady Gaga (her first cinematic appearance). There are some big names there, though they're not the only recognizable ones involved with the film. Behind the scenes is another big name: AMD .

Quick Draw Studio's visual effects division, Troublemaker Digital, is using AMD Opteron processors and FirePro graphics cards on many of the movies it's involved with, including "Machete Kills." According to AMD, director Robert Rodriguez of Quick Draw Studios is a pioneer in the use of computing technology for big-screen action and high fidelity imagery in major motion pictures.

"Editing, content creation and special effects were all made easier with AMD technology in our studios," Rodriguez said. "We just had to put AMD’s brand in the film as a special shoutout to a great technology partner, and we had a lot of fun bringing this sequel to life. ‘Machete Kills’ is action-packed and very visually rich, and we pushed our creative process even further on this release."

This isn't Rodriguez's first time tapping into AMD. He's also used the Sunnyvale chip designer's hardware in a bunch of previous films, including the first "Machete," "Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams," "Spy Kids 3D: Game Over," and "Sin City," among several others.

"Machete Kills" come to theaters in October.

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