Ding, Dong IE6 Is Virtually Dead

Brad Chacos

Cake, toasts and cheers; Microsoft’s been having a hell of a party up in Redmond. Why, you ask? Is Windows 8 shipping early? Did Xbox sales spike even higher? Did somebody actually buy a Windows Phone? None of the above. Today, the Internet Explorer team is celebrating a near-death experience as the US browser share of IE6 finally dipped under one percent. That's right, the non-standards-compliant beast is finally rasping out its dying breath.

“IE6 has been the punch line of browser jokes for a while, and we’ve been as eager as anyone to see it go away,” IE Marketing Director Roger Capriotti crowed in a celebratory blog post . “In fact, we launched the IE6 Countdown site last March to help accelerate the process. Less than a year later, I’m thrilled to say that the United States has joined the ranks of Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway in dropping below 1% usage of IE6.”

Hopefully China gets the memo: according to Microsoft's Countdown site , IE6 still holds a commanding 25.2 percent share of the browser market in that country. South Korea’s the second-worst IE6 offender with a 7.2 percent share for the browser.

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