Digsby Trumps a New Version, But is it Ad Free?


We have a love-hate relationship with Digsby. On one hand, we love the multi-protocol instant messaging app, which not only covers all the major IM clients, but also keeps us connected to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services. But we hate the stockpile of bloatware Digsby stuffs into its installer. On top of it all, Digsby had come under fire recently for its hidden distributed computing research module, which hijacks CPU cycles to make the company money.

You spoke, and Digsby listened. In a blog post on Thursday, the company announced a new version of Digsby sporting a new "user-friendly installer." Gone are all the adware solicitations replaced by a single option to install the Digsby Ask Toolbar, though it does make a last ditch attempt to toss in couple of search options after it's finished installing. And this time around, Digsby is being upfront about its research module, both during the installation process and with a new tab to the preferences window.

"Blasting ads all over our product is the last thing we want to do so we will keep experimenting with unique, non-intrusive models like these," Digsby stated.


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