Digital Storm Targets Gamers with Bolt II Battle Box Titan Z Special Edition



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Woah, sticker shock. Does any MPC reader own a $5000 ($6000) boutique Digital Storm Bolt II or even the Bolt 1?

Haven't added up the cost of all the components, but it still seems quite high to me. Doesn't even have a 1TB SSD in it. If I'm spending $5000 or more on my system, it better not have a mechanical drive unless that drive is 2GB+ and is being used for media.

I find your lack of SSD storage disturbing.

Certainly a spectacular form factor. There's no need to give consumers the shaft just because Valve left them holding a bunch of SFF boxes while never (officially) finishing SteamOS.

Wonder how loud these things get? MPC, do you have some noise data on these hot boxes?



Actually, considering the GPU alone is 3K, the price isn't bad. If it can keep the Titan Z quiet when gaming at 4K, I'd consider this a good value.