Digital Storm Black Ops Enix Review



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Heat does not simply flow up.  I see people make this mistaken statement all the time, but am surprised to see someone as knowledgeable as Gordon make this mistake.

Heat only flows up in a simple convection case.  Any fan is a powered system and and can push air up/down/left/right anywhere it wants.  In a tightly controlled case for a PC, convection is irrelevant. Convection can be designed as the airflow, like the original 1984 Macs, but it's just not as good as a fan.

Convection is easy to overcome.  This is why you have ceiling fans that can be reversed in the winter to push that convected hot air down.  

Now let us never speak of this again. Thanks.



id like to see them score things in another way price per pt. say a computer is 1000 dollars and its benchmark is 30,000 then price per performance would be 3. it puts things in perspective for everyone else who actually has a budget. maximum pc, though i love reading it is kinda like mike holmes, they spend whatever to get things done amazingly, but for everyone else its not realistic



According to digital storm's website, this rig starts at $1,123.  It'd be nice if this information was in the article, though.



First, I love MaxPC.  However, there is something that I've been noticing in my mags and your site.  You rarely ever mention the price in the write-up any more.  On the online site, you have links to stores that are selling it, but not all the time.  About the only thing I see prices in the review any more are Video Cards.  I understand that becuase of the price/performance tiers.  Could you please include pricing in the write-ups for all products that are available?  You would make this longtime reader and subscriber, and hopefully a few others, very happy.



Price? How much for this flamethrower?



The benches are for the mach V...



Fixed. Was just the title.