Digital Storm Launches Four Gaming Laptops Running GeForce GTX 800M Series Graphics

Paul Lilly

One lucky gamer will receive a free Krypton laptop valued at $1,478

If it's a laptop for gaming that you're after, boutique system builder Digital Storm has four new pixel-pushing models to choose from , including the 15.6-inch Javelin and Lance, and 17.3-inch Krypton and Behemoth. All four models sport Nvidia's recently introduced GeForce GTX 800M Series graphics, and to kick off the launch of these new machines, Digital Storm is giving away a Krypton.

We'll start with the contest. To enter, Digital Storm requires that you Tweet or Instagram a photo of your "ramshackeled laptop" using the hastag #DSThrowbackContest. Out of the photos it receives, Digital Storm will choose the most broken down and decrepit laptop and give the owner a Krypton.

As for the four laptop models now available, pricing starts at $1,196 for the Javelin, $1,430 for the Lance, $1,478 for the Krypton, and $2,289 for the Behemoth, the last of which comes standard with an Intel Core i7 4810MQ processor, 16GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, 128GB solid state drive, 750GB hard drive, Nvidia GTX 880M graphics, DVD burner, Wireless-N, and Windows 8.1.

Depending on your budget, you can add various upgrades, including SLI graphics and multiple drives in a RAID array. You can check out all the models and options on Digital Storm's website .

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