Digital Storm Infographic Pits PC Gaming Versus Consoles

Paul Lilly

Listen, this is Maximum PC, not Maximum Xbox 360 or Maximum Console, so obviously we're a little biased when it comes to which platform is the best for gaming. So is boutique builder Digital Storm , for that matter, but as Shakespeare wrote, "Truth is truth, no matter how much console gamers disagree" (it's pretty amazing he had the foresight to write about consoles way back when, isn't it?). So pardon Digital Storm for stating what we consider the obvious, and enjoy the company's infographic detailing exactly why PC gaming rules.

The infographic is the creation of DS Unlocked, which is comprised of "an elite team of Digital Storm technicians." It starts off talking about price, and while it's true PCs require a larger initial investment, "the level of graphics and processing power of the average gaming computer means you get a lot more for your money," DS Unlocked says .

Consoles are also disadvantaged in that, for the most part, they're stuck with whatever hardware is under the hood. Larger hard drives and add-ons like the Kinect motion sensor offer a bit of upgradeability, but it's not like you can rip open the chassis and upgrade the graphics card or plop more RAM in there like you can with a PC.

Don't get us wrong, consoles have their strengths and we're not hating on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (maybe a little on the Wii), but if we had to choose just one platform, it would definitely be the PC, and Digital Storm's infographic outlines many of the reasons why.

What about you, which is your favorite platform to game on?

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