Digital Photo Frame Suppliers Unfazed by Weak Demand


Perhaps consumers remain skittish at the presence of malware that cropped up on frames sold from popular retailers like Sam's Club, Target, and Costco. Or maybe everyone's saving up for Kodak's 7.6" OLED display. Whatever the reason, so far it's turned out to be a disappointing year for digital photo frame suppliers, who watched as demand failed to keep up with expectations.

Despite sagging sales, suppliers are hoping for a strong finish in the fourth quarter and continue to launch new products in anticipation of the holiday shopping season when demand tends to peak. But don't be surprised to find bigger frames this year. Price competition for the 7-inch frame market is cutthroat with the Free On Board (FOB) price hovering at just $30, causing some manufacturers to not even take orders for the smaller frames. Instead, look for a sales push in the 10.4-inch and 12-inch segments, which in addition to costing more also typically come with some multimedia functionality.

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Image Credit: Viewsonic

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